TheUnionBootPro.Com - In support of AMERICAN made UNION made work boots. They offer a 27% OFF suggested retail price to union members. Contact your hall for discount code.

Roofers Union Backtracks on Obamacare - Now wants repeal or reform

Labor Unions break ranks with the White House on ObamaCare - They warn that unless there are changes, the results could be catastrophic

Albany Police Officers Union demand repeal of gun law - violates fundamental constitutional rights.


1613 Members mailing list



Tools to use


NLRB On-Line Forms - Just fill in and print


Union Communication Services - The source for the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Steward Update Newsletter Service, Graphic Services, News Services, and Extensive Labor Book Resource.


CyberSolidarity Get Your Union On The Web ,  Guidelines and Web Authoring Tools for Labor Unions and Human Rights Activists.


Rick Flores, UAW member, labor cartoonist and publisher of Workers' Communications Press (WCP), started a labor cartoon and graphic clip art service designed specifically for labor news publications.  For a few sample packets or more information on his service, visit the WCP website




Become A Political Activist!!! Sign up for the political Activists list with the IBEW
Get information on current political issues, then take the action needed to protect workers interests. 
Join the local's PAC
, and get involved.     





Labor Research Association
A New York City-based non-profit research and advocacy organization that provides research and educational services for trade unions.


Other Items Of Interest


Workers Compensation Insurance - Stay Tuned to the latest workers' compensation news, participate in forums, sign petitions, take surveys and read stories from injured workers.

United for a Fair Economy -- The group formerly known as Share the Wealth, United for a Fair Economy has been targeting corporate welfare for years.  They publish a great manual called The Activist Cookbook.

Union privilege - Money saving benefits for union members and their family

The Union Label - Latest Boycott List, Label Letter, Locate Union Made Products, and Union Hotel Guide.



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